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06 June 2007 @ 12:24 pm
Links: Livejournal Communities.  
If you have/know of a community in which you would like to add to this list please just drop a comment and I will most certainly add it.

Current link count: 84

Actor/Actress Communities

Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy)
  • smg_fans (Sarah Michelle Gellar Fans)
  • girl_crush (An SMG icon challenge community)
  • smg_daily (Sarah Michelle Gellar Pictures Daily)

    Alyson Hannigan (Willow)
  • alyson_daily (Alyson Hannigan Daily Photos)
  • alysonhannigan (Alyson Hannigan Fans)

    Nicholas Brendon (Xander)
  • brendon_daily (Nicholas Brendon Daily Photos)
  • nickbrendon (Nicholas Brendon Fans) *Last updated 2006*

    James Marsters (Spike)
  • james_stillness (James Marsters Icon Stilless)
  • marsters_daily (James Marsters Daily Photos)
  • jmfun (James Marsters FUN)
  • james_daily (James Marsters Daily Photos)
  • marsters_junkie (James Marsters Junkies)

    Emma Caulfield (Anya)
  • emma_daily (Emma Caulfield Daily Photos)

    Michelle Trachtenberg (Dawn)
  • michellet_daily (Michelle Trachtenberg Daily Photos)

    David Boreanaz (Angel)
  • david_b_daily (David Boreanaz Daily Photos)
  • dbz360 (David Boreanaz Lovers)
  • david_stillness (David Boreanaz Icon Stillness)

    Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia)
  • charisma_lims (Charisma Carpenter Last Icon Maker Standing)
  • charisma_stills (Charisma Carpenter Icon Stillness)
  • _vision_girl (Charisma Carpenter Fans)
  • charisma_daily (Charisma Capenter Daily Photos)

    Seth Green (Oz)
  • seth_daily (Seth Green Daily Photos)
  • sethgreen_fans (Seth Green Fans)
  • sethgreen (Seth Green Fans)

    Marc Blucas (Riley)
  • blucas_daily (Marc Blucas Daily Photos)
  • mblucas (Marc Blucas Fans) *Last Updated 2006)

    Amber Benson (Tara)
  • amberbenson (Amber Benson Fans Community)
  • amber_stills (Amber Benson Icon Contest)

    Eliza Dushku (Faith)
  • eliza_lims (Eliza Dushku Last Icon Maker Standing)
  • eliza_daily (Eliza Dushku Daily Photos)
  • elizad_icons (Eliza Dushku Icons)
  • eliza_lovers (Eliza Dushku Lovers)

    Guest Stars and Other Recurring Characters
    none yet

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer

    General Communities
  • buffyaddicts (Buffy Addicts)
  • buffyfans_uk (Buffy Fans in the UK)
  • buffyquotes (Buffy Quotes)
  • buffyfan (Buffy & Angel Fan Community)
  • buffyfans (Buffy The Vampire Slayer & Angel Fans)
  • all_things_btvs (All Things Buffy Related)
  • buffyobsessed (Buffy Obsessed)
  • buffy_bad_girls (Fans of the Buffy "Bad Girls")
  • btvsfans (BTVS Fans)
  • buffyphilosophy (Buffy Philosophy Discussions)
  • btvs_angel (Buffy & Angel Crossovers and Discussions)

    Character Communities

  • bloodyawful (Spike Fans)
  • spike_icons (Spike Icons)
  • peroxidespike (Spike Fans)

  • darker_buffy (The Darker Side of Buffy Summers)

    Relationships/Ships/Slash/Fanfiction Communities

  • buffyfic (General Buffy Fanfiction)
  • btvs_slash (Buffy Slash Fiction)
  • buffy_fanfic (General Buffy Fanfiction)
  • xandrew (Xandrew [Xander/Andrew])
  • buffy_giles (Buffy/Giles Fans)
  • stay_and_gloat (Giles/Ethan Fans)
  • willowoz (Willow & Oz: Remembering What Was)

  • baicontestindex (Buffy/Angel Icon Contest Index)
  • balims (Buffy/Angel Last Icon Maker Standing)
  • bashippers (Buffy/Angel Shippers Haven)
  • baficathon (Buffy/Angel Fiction Challenge)

    Fuffy [Buffy/Faith]
  • fuffy (Fans of Fuffy)
  • buffyfaith (Buffy/Faith Shippers)
  • _fuffyicons (Fuffy Icons)

    Spuffy [Buffy/Spike]
  • spuffyness (Spuffy Fans)
  • spuffyicons (Spuffy Icons)
  • spuffy_fics (Spuffy Fanfiction)
  • darker_spuffy (The Darker Side of Spuffy)
  • spuffy_fantasy (Spuffy Fiction & Art)
  • spuffy_lims (Spuffy Last Icon Maker Standing)
  • spuffystillness (Spuffy Icon Stillness)
  • bscentral (Buffy Spike Central)

    Spander [Spike/Xander]
  • bloodclaim (Spander)
  • spanderslash (Spander)

    Spangel [Spike/Angel]
  • spring_spangel (Spike/Angel Fans)
  • spangel_ (Everything Spike/Angel)
  • angelspike_art (Spike/Angel Art)
  • just_spangel (Just Spike/Angel)
  • spangelficfind (Find Spike/Angel Fics)
  • allaboutspangel (Spike/Angel Stories)

    Icons & Graphics Communities
    *If searching for icon/graphic communities of a specific character or ship, check above catagories*

  • buffy_graphics
  • buffyicons
  • buffyecticons
  • btvs_atsiconage
  • buffy_stillness (BTVS Icon Challenge Community)
  • buffy_icons
  • btvs_requests (Buffy Icon Requests & Questions)

    sassypoison_song on June 18th, 2007 07:55 am (UTC)
    :) I'm not quite sure if this is the type of a community allowed, but I've just created a stamping community, if you'd like the link to that, if it's not allowed, that's perfectly fine.

    ---> chosen_stamping