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07 June 2007 @ 10:38 pm
btvs 4 ever!  
I watched Buffy from day one (I was 11 I think) and to me its probably the best show ever to air on TV.

It had everything drama, romance, comedy, tragedy, action, absurdity, hell even a musical! I feel that I not only enjoyed every episode, but that every episode taught me a little something about life.

Like Shakespeare I think the show touched people on a deeper level, somewhere in our subconcious, and it made us relate to every single character: yes this includes Harmony and Andrew.*g*

I say all that to say that I think I love the show more now than I did when it was actually airing. I miss it so much, and still read fanfic, infact I read one just now!

So all hail to the greatest show ever!!! VIVA LA BTVS!!
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